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Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2023
About Us
NOQ Software was founded in November 2021 to give organizations a developer-first product to manage identity and access management (IAM) permissions for cloud infrastructure. The proliferation of cloud resources has made it highly complex and challenging for companies to implement the security principle of least privilege across users and applications: no one should have more access than they require, and permissions should persist only for the shortest duration needed.
You can think of NOQ as a solution like Terraform, but for entitlements. It is interoperable with existing infrastructure-as-code, and serves as a full historical source of truth for human identities and applications in Okta/Google, and cloud identities in AWS in a single as-code location. The solution is fully hermetic, so changes made in Git are reflected in the cloud, and visa versa.
The founder, Curis Castrapel, created the open source project, ConsoleMe, and brings deep IAM and security engineering experience from Netflix, Facebook, Uber and Blizzard.
We are seeking a highly skilled Senior Software Engineer to join our team as a technical lead. In this role, you will be responsible for ensuring the reliability, performance, and availability of our products and services. We expect you to have a proven track record with Python, React, AWS IAM, experience working at an early-stage startup, and experience working on a multi-tenant SaaS product. Experience with Golang and software engineering management are a plus.
As the Senior Software Engineer, you will work closely with the development team to design and implement efficient, scalable, and reliable software solutions in both our SaaS and standalone offerings. You will also work on reliability tasks, such as monitoring, alerting, incident response, and ensuring the security and availability of our systems..
Why you should work with us:
As a senior engineering hire, this position offers huge potential for growth, and generous equity
You will work closely with the founder to define technical and product vision.
Over time, you will establish yourself as a leader in our growing team and user community, whether through management or expert-level individual contributions.
Help solve cloud authorization and access for multiple classes of organizations and users.
Build greenfield features and make key technical decisions that go live in days.


  • Be the tech lead for the development team. Assist with designing and implementing efficient, scalable, and reliable software solutions
  • Implement and maintain Python-based applications, and integrate with AWS IAM for authentication and authorization
  • Work on site reliability tasks, such as monitoring, alerting, and incident response, to ensure the reliability and availability of our systems

What we are looking for in a Team Mate

  • You are able to work with an 8 hour overlap in the Pacific Time Zone (From 6AM to 5PM Pacific Time)
  • You are competent with source control in Git.
  • You have experience building solutions from the ground-up
  • You have built and maintained enterprise Software-as-a-Service products
  • You can mentor other developers and do code reviews. Maybe you managed open source projects before; maybe you collaborated closely with more junior engineers at work.
  • You understand the consequences of code that shouldn't have been merged.
  • You appreciate the value of a good digital user experience and design, and you will contribute iteratively to that where you can.
  • You can curiously learn, implement, and improve our code conventions and E2E testing patterns.
  • You bring senior talent to the team and wider open source community, with 4+ years of equivalent experience
  • You have worked with and are familiar with AWS, and associated AWS SDKs
  • Nice to have: Familiarity with Abstract Syntax Trees, Graph Theory, and/or Cybersecurity.


  • 2+ years of experience building and maintaining multi-tenant SaaS products
  • 4+ years of experience as a software engineer or in a related field
  • 4+ years of experience writing web services in Python, and experience with async Python web frameworks such as Tornado, Sanic, and FastAPI
  • 2+ years of Javascript experience
  • Experience with AWS IAM
  • Experience with site-reliability best practices, such as monitoring, alerting, and incident response
  • Experience with Infrastructure-as-code solutions, such as Terraform or CloudFormation
  • Excellent problem-solving and communication skills
  • Ability to work well in a team environmentFamiliarity with database migration strategies.
  • Experience with Cloud ArchitectureExperience with NOSQL and SQL databases
  • Experience building, deploying, and operating production web servers and APIs.
  • Bonus: Experience with Golang
  • Bonus: Experience deploying/monitoring/managing containers with Docker/K8s
Today, security teams and cloud administrators generally handle cloud permissions requests through manual workflows, which slow down DevOps velocity and are prone to errors. This typically results in allowed privileges being either (1) overly excessive and long-lived, increasing the attack surface, or (2) too restrictive, introducing friction to DevOps workflows. NOQ’s unique approach is to enable automated, self-service permissions for developers while security maintains guardrails and oversight.